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TrisCaRe Mouth Opening Device

TrisCaRe Mouth Opening Device

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ICanCaRe TrisCareTM is a unique and affordable device which is sturdy, easy to carry (pocket-size), lightweight, washable, injury free, easy to use. 

The Mouth opening can be measured on the measurement plate on the lower plate against the arrow on the upper plate.


  1. Screening of Chewing Tobacco users – to grade the mouth opening
  2. Sub mucosal Fibrosis patients beetle nut users
  3. Trismus due to other causes
  4. Post surgery  - cancer
  5. Post surgery  - following trismus release intervention like coronoid excision
  6. Conservative management of trismus by mouth opening exercise and antioxidant intervention
  7. Chewing Tobacco quit program
  8. Radiotherapy - Oral and Oropharyngeal cancer requiring radiotherapy
  9. During surgery on oral cavity or dental work for mouth opening

Box Contents
1. TrisCaRe Device
2. Instruction Mannual

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