About Us

Innovative Cancer Care and Rehabilitation ( icancare ) , a Health-Tech StartUp, endeavours to cater to the needs of cancer survivors. The paramount objective is to deliver promising rehabilitation services to those living with and beyond cancer so that they get the care and support they need to lead as healthy and active life as possible, for as long as possible.

Innovative Cancer Care and Rehabilitation intends to address the aspects which are important but neglected.

    1. Physical rehabilitation - tips to get back into shape

    1. Making available rehabilitation material at your doorstep

    1. Online shopping site for cancer winners to display and sell their products

  1. Spiritual rehabilitation tips


The 'unmet needs' of cancer survivors include medical, psychological, social, spiritual, financial and informational needs. Follow up of a cancer survivor/warrior/fighter/ - to make them a winner we must provide,

  1. Constant assurance by regular check-ups that the disease is under control, once a person has suffered from cancer.

  2. Physical rehabilitation a very important but often neglected. The patient is unaware and the treating oncologist unconcerned about this aspect. So this is best done by an occupational therapist. Patient undergoes various bodily challenges surgery (one or more organs might have been removed), radiotherapy (causing fibrosis, stiffness, dryness, etc.), Chemotherapy (hair loss, mucositis, etc.). The patient needs physical rehabilitation on all these account.

  3. In spite of everything going fine the patient remains in constant fear. Fear of death, fear of recurrence. A cancer survivor is in constant negative stress. A patient cannot win until unless his mind is taken care.

  4. Spiritual rehabilitation is necessary to change the attitude of the patient.

  5. Financial rehabilitation - One of the major areas of concern for stress is the financial loss that a family goes through during and also beyond the treatment. The financial loss can be because of - high cost of treatment, loss of job, constant travel, unfit for the job, regular absenteeism. Whatever be the cause, these patients require a regular financial help. Some may require a regular income source; some may like addition to their income.


We are a group of people who believe in winning over cancer rather than just overcoming or surviving it. As a first step towards achieving our goal icancare.org, a web portal, is designed to provide doctor’s recommended rehabilitation products for cancer survivors at their doorsteps. Icancare is an online shopping platform that brings rehabilitation products at affordable prices for cancer patients.


At Icancare, our vision is to give cancer survivors – vast selection, low prices, fast and reliable delivery, and a trusted and convenient online shopping experience. We are committed to ensure convenient payment options, easy returns and enjoy a completely hassle free online shopping experience.


Customers can shop from different categories of products based on the type of treatment and the type of cancer. Be it for Oral cancer, Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Skin Cancer, etc.

"The only other thing that can change the prognosis of a patient beyond medical treatment is Positive attitude of the patient"


"Life Beyond Cancer"