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Severe Tobacco Quit Pack

Severe Tobacco Quit Pack

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Description: This pack is recommended for those consuming tobacco since many years and are severely addicted to it. This comprises of 8 sessions with the expert cessation specialist. Discuss your habit of tobacco in detail and let the specialist devise a personalized working plan for you to quit. Let the specialist monitor and audit your progress regularly and improvise your plan to quit successfully and with ease. Discuss about weight management, stress management, preventing relapse and improving quality of life in detail with the specialist. Undergo group counselling sessions with others, socialise with them, support each other as buddy and become a tobacco champion.

Duration: Total Time with Doctor: 180 Minutes

1st Consultation: 40 Minutes

All Other Consultations: 20 Minutes

Group Counselling Sessions: 60 Minutes each

Time Period: 2 Months

Additional Features:

  • Includes 4 group counselling sessions on the choice of the user
  • Constant Follow-up by ICanCaRe team to monitor progress made in your quit cycle, prevent relapse and support you in your difficulties
  • 1 free follow-up consultation with the doctor within 7 days of consultation
  • Emergency Support to handle cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Evidence based cessation with expert

If you want to know your addiction level, please download our “icancare” app and take the self-assessment tests to check if this pack is suitable for you.


Health Assessment

Assess addiction level & other health parameters to monitor the progress during tobacco quit journey

Expert Counselling

Build a personalized tobacco quit plan with certified tobacco cessation counselling experts

Doctor's Consultation

Get medical treatment in an event of any complication arising from tobacco use

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