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Moderate Tobacco Quit Pack

Moderate Tobacco Quit Pack

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Description: This pack is recommended for moderate tobacco users who have started consuming tobacco frequently and are moderately addicted to it. This comprises of 4 sessions with the expert cessation specialist. Discuss your habit of tobacco in detail and let the specialist devise a personalized working plan for you to quit. Let the specialist monitor and audit your progress regularly and improvise your plan to quit successfully and with ease.

Duration: Total Time with Doctor: 100 minutes

1st Consultation: 40 Minutes

All Other Consultations: 20 Minutes

Time Period: 2 Months

Additional Features:

  • Constant Follow-up by ICanCaRe team to monitor progress made in your quit cycle, prevent relapse and support you in your difficulties
  • 1 free follow-up consultation with the doctor within 7 days of consultation
  • Emergency Support to handle cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Evidence based cessation with expert

If you want to know your addiction level, please download our “icancare” app and take the self-assessment tests to check if this pack is suitable for you.

Health Assessment

Assess addiction level & other health parameters to monitor the progress during tobacco quit journey

Expert Counselling

Build a personalized tobacco quit plan with certified tobacco cessation counselling experts

Doctor's Consultation

Get medical treatment in an event of any complication arising from tobacco use

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